JOSHUA #7 – Fighting the Battle

05/26/2020 –  You’re Serious, Aren’t You? The Bible, especially the Old Testament, is often criticized for being extremely brutal and violent. The truth is that the ancient world was a very brutal and violent place and extreme measures were needed to survive. The Bible shows us how our God, the only real God, is greaterContinue reading “JOSHUA #7 – Fighting the Battle”

JOSHUA 4 – Don’t Forget to Remember

05/05/2020 – Think, Look, and Remember We just saw the nation of Israel cross the Jordan River in a surprising and miraculous way. Everyone is safe and everyone is dry but, before they moved on, there is still one little detail the Lord wants taken care of. Joshua 4:1b-3: “The Lord said to Joshua, ‘ChooseContinue reading “JOSHUA 4 – Don’t Forget to Remember”

JOSHUA 3 – Go and Stand

4/28/2020 – Crossing the Jordan River             After forty years of aimless wandering, the nation of Israel is finally ready to enter the land God promised Abraham He would give them. But in order to enter that land, they have to cross the Jordan River. They have consecrated themselves. They are determined to do whateverContinue reading “JOSHUA 3 – Go and Stand”

Joshua 2 – Be Prepared

4/21/2020 – Preparing to cross the Jordan River             Joshua 3:5 – “Joshua told the people, ‘consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.’” Basically, CONSECRATE means to attach yourself to something. Disconnect yourself from everything else and attach yourself to one thing. The only way we can get to whereContinue reading “Joshua 2 – Be Prepared”

Testing, Testing 3

3/31/2020             Let’s take a look at another time when the disciples’ faith was being tested.  They’ve had some experience with testing so it should be easier for them this time, shouldn’t it?  They should know what to expect and what to do, shouldn’t they?  They couldn’t possibly make the same mistake again, could they? Continue reading “Testing, Testing 3”