Elijah is running from Queen Jezebel who is trying to kill him. He’s frustrated, tired, and depressed but the Lord has been reaching out to encourage him.  An angel has come to refresh Elijah and getting moving again

1 Kings 19:7   “The angel of the Lord came back a second time and touched him and said, ‘Get up and eat, for the journey is too much for you.’”

“Get up and eat.”  I’m not taking your problems away and I’m not taking you away from your problems.  But I am going to give you the strength you need, the courage and endurance you need to face and overcome those problems.  It just won’t be easy and it’s not going to happen overnight.  It’s going to take time, more time that you are willing to spend by yourself. 

“The journey is too much for you.”  “Journey!  What journey?  I’m not going anywhere.  Weren’t you paying attention, Lord?  Didn’t you hear me?  I’ve had enough.  I quit.”  How many of us are thankful that the Lord doesn’t listen or take it personally when we get angry or upset?

The journey may be too much for you, Elijah, but not for the Lord.  Your “journey,” your life doesn’t end with you here alone in this desert. The Lord still has plans for your life.  The Lord still has a purpose for your life.  He’s going to bring you through this but it’s going to take more strength and more faith than you have left inside you. 

In order to win this battle, you’ll have to trust in and depend on the Lord more than you ever have before.  You’re going to make it all the way.  I didn’t bring you into this desert, but I will certainly bring you out of it.  I’m going to bring you out of this desert, out of this self-imposed “funk” you’ve put yourself in. You’re going to want to live again and I’ll make sure it’s a fruitful, productive and joyful life that you’re living. 

The Lord has come.  The word of God has come.  The Lord is with you to make sure you win the good fight you’ve been fighting and finish the race that’s been set before you.  The Lord will provide everything you need for your life’s journey.    

I Kings 19:8a“So he got up and ate and drank.”

  No arguing.  No stalling.  No resisting.  The anger and frustration inside him was gone.  Elijah is ready once again to do whatever the Lord wants him to do.  Instead of wanting the Lord to take his life, Elijah’s ready for the Lord to take over his life so he can get back to truly living again. What does it take for us to get to that point? 

1 Kings 19:8b-9a    “Strengthened by that food, he travelled forty days and forth nights until he reached Horeb, the mountain of God.  Then he went into a cave and spent the night.”

The strength Elijah received from that fresh baked bread and cool jar of water the angel prepared for him, gave him the strength to travel forty days and nights until he reached Mt. Horeb, “the mountain of God.”  When Elijah ate what the Lord provided for him, he didn’t need anything else.  He didn’t want anything else.  

“Jesus declared, ‘I am the bread of life. Anyone who comes to me will never be hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.’” John. 6:35

Nothing Satan promises, nothing this world tries to offer us can ever come close to matching what Jesus alone is able to provide for us.  This world can’t give us what we need. This world can’t give us what our hearts are searching for.  It can’t provide the love we need, the confidence we need, the safety and protection we need.  It can’t provide the peace or the joy we need.  It can’t give us the hope we need to finish our journey. 

Jesus alone is able to give us the reason and the desire we need to keep on living.  Jesus alone is able to give us a purpose for living.  Jesus alone is able to help us understand why we need to keep on living. The world will never provide the abundant, victorious life, the everlasting life we can only find in Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Lord willing, we’ll be back here again next Tuesday. Thanks for being in God’s word with Pastor Buj.

Published by pastorbuj

I have over forty-five years of pastoral experience serving churches in Rhode Island, New York State and California. After retirement, I wrote and published a book titled, "Why Did He Bother? A Pastor's Account of God's Abundant Mercy, Love, and Grace." It is available as a paperback, e-book and audible from Amazon.com. My newest venture is a Bible teaching blog site called "pastorbuj.wordpress.com"

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