Obadiah has been asked to tell King Ahab that Elijah, the man he has been searching for, the man he wants to kill, has come to see him. Naturally, Obadiah is reluctant to do that and Elijah is trying to reassure him.

 Kings 18:10-11    “As surely as the Lord your God lives, there is not a nation or kingdom where my master has not sent someone to look for you, and whenever a nation or kingdom claimed you were not there, he made them swear they could not find you. But now you tell me to go to my master and say, ‘Elijah is here.’”  

Elijah wasn’t doing anything.  He wasn’t really hiding and he wasn’t running away.  He was living in Zarephath.  Jezebel and Ahab just couldn’t find him. Elijah has no idea how much danger he’s putting Obadiah in by sending him back to Ahab.   

1 Kings 18:12-14   “I don’t know where the Spirit of the Lord may carry you when I leave you. If I go and tell Ahab and he doesn’t find you, he will kill me. Yet I your servant have worshipped the Lord since my youth,: 

King Ahab and the rest of the nation need to hear the gospel, the good news.  The drought and the famine are over and the Lord is going to let it rain again.  Elijah can’t tell them because if Jezebel or Ahab find him, he’ll be dead before he can speak.  Elijah needs Obadiah, actually the Lord needs Obadiah, to get the message told.  But Obadiah is afraid to do it because he really doesn’t trust Elijah. 

It’s hard for believers to love one another because believers have a hard time trusting one another.   How’s the world going to know that God wants to send the rain, God wants to send revival, God wants to quench the thirst of the human soul; how’s the world going to know, how’s the work of God and the will of God going to be done on earth as it is in heaven if believers can’t work together because they can’t seem to trust one another?    

 Kings 18:15    “Elijah said, ‘As the Lord Almighty lives, whom I serve, I will surely present myself to Ahab today.’”

I don’t expect you to trust me just because of what I say.  But I’m determined to live my life in a way that will convince you I can be trusted. Trust cannot be expected until it has been earned.  I’ll be here when you get back and “I will surely present myself to Ahab today.”  I will not put your life in jeopardy.  Our words have to be consistently backed up by our actions.  We have to follow through, keep our promises and do exactly what we say – every single time. 

Like Obadiah, someone’s life may be depending on it.  Our words and promises have to be as good as God’s words and promises in order for a hostile, anti-Christian world to believe any of it.  The world will have trouble trusting God’s word until it’s able to trust God’s people, the ones who claim to be speaking those words in His name.  Believers won’t be able  to get the world to trust them until believers have learned to trust one another enough to love one another and work along with each other to complete the work the Lord has given us to do.

I know this was a short one today, but things are about to get real interesting. Join us again next Tuesday and be in God’s word with Pasto Buj.

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I have over forty-five years of pastoral experience serving churches in Rhode Island, New York State and California. After retirement, I wrote and published a book titled, "Why Did He Bother? A Pastor's Account of God's Abundant Mercy, Love, and Grace." It is available as a paperback, e-book and audible from Amazon.com. My newest venture is a Bible teaching blog site called "pastorbuj.wordpress.com"

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