A Matter of Death and Life 4


            In Luke 8:49. Jairus has just been told that his daughter is dead.  In verse 50, Jesus says, “Don’t be afraid; just believe, and she will be healed.”  Now Jairus has to decide WHAT he’s going to believe and WHO he’s going to believe.  Ultimately, all of us, as believers, have to decide that at some point in our lives also.

            Luke 8:51 – “When He (Jesus) arrived at the house of Jairus, He did not let anyone go in with Him except Peter, John and James, and the child’s father and mother.”  How serious ARE we about our relationship with Jesus?  How long are we willing to keep walking with Him?  How far are we willing to go with Him? 

            The only way for Jairus to go any further was to be obedient.  He had to be willing to keep believing, keep trusting Jesus’ word, without being afraid.  The only ones who were qualified to go the distance, the only ones who were allowed to go INSIDE the house with JESUS were, Jairus, his wife and three of the twelve disciples.  Everyone else had to stay outside.  Is OUR faith strong enough to get us inside the house?  Too often our faith only brings us to the doorway but we never quite make it all the way into the house.

            Luke 8:53 – “All the people were wailing and mourning for her.”  Jesus goes into the house, past all the people who are wailing and mourning and He says, “Stop wailing.”  That’s actually a command not a suggestion or a recommendation.  Don’t DO that anymore. 

            Jesus looks at the child’s lifeless body and says, “She’s is not dead.”  That’s not an opinion.  It’s the TRUTH. If Jesus says, “She is not dead,” then she is not dead.  Everything is whatever Jesus says it is.  Jesus IS the truth.  “She is not dead.”  It’s not final.  It’s not over.  It doesn’t end HERE. 

            “Not dead but asleep,” This is only temporary.  The best is yet to come.

            In John 11:21 –  Martha was angry at Jesus because He didn’t get there in time to heal her brother, Lazarus.  Have you ever gotten angry at Jesus because He wasn’t there for you when you needed Him?  “Lord…if you had been here my brother would not have died.”

            John  11:23 – “Your brother will rise again.”  (11:25)  “I am the resurrection and the life.  He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.  DO YOU BELIEVE THIS?”  Do YOU believe this when, like Martha and Jairus, you’re staring at the lifeless body of someone you love?  Do you believe it when you need to believe it the most?

            If we’re willing to keep believing it, if we can keep trusting Jesus when things seem to be over, when it looks like it’s too late, when the outcome seems to be final, we’ll get to see what so many others have missed because their faith only took them to the doorway.  Let’s get back to Luke.

            Luke8:53 –  “They laughed at Him.”  They stopped wailing and mourning and started laughing at Jesus.  What’s so funny?  Why are you laughing?  “KNOWING that she was dead.”  Jesus has just said that she’s NOT dead but they’re all laughing at Him because they know she IS.

            I mean, look at her.  It’s obvious.  She’s cold.  She’s not breathing.  She has no pulse.  She’s dead.  They KNEW she had not been healed.  They KNEW she was dead in spite of what Jesus had said.

            Well, Is Jairus’ daughter dead or isn’t she?  (Don’t cheat by looking at the rest of the chapter.)  The world sees it one way and the Lord sees it another.  How do YOU see it when you’re at the grave site of someone you love?

            Is anyone laughing at you because of something you believe or are you someone who laughs because YOU think you know better also?  Are you listening to reason and common sense, laughing at the old fashioned ignorance of the Bible or are you standing with Jesus along side Jairus, determined to keep believing without being afraid regardless of how final or how irreversible the outcome seems to be?  It’s a very lonely place to stand.  No one wants to be laughed at.

            Luke 8:54-55 – “But He (Jesus) took her by the hand and said, ‘My child, get up!’ Her spirit returned, and at once she stood up.”

            Jairus had seen his daughter suffering and dying when he went to find Jesus.  He came home and saw his daughter’s lifeless body lying on her bed.  Now he sees his daughter standing with Jesus.  She’s alive.  She’s hungry.  She’s happy and she’s not sick anymore.      That’s EXACTLY what it’s going to be like for us when we get to heaven.   That loved one we saw suffering with a sickness, the one who’s lifeless body caused our tears to flow, will be standing with Jesus alive, happy and THEY won’t be sick anymore either.

            If we’re trusting in Jesus as our Lord and Savior today, when we close our eyes in death, He’ll take us by the hand and say, “My child, get up!”  Our spirit will return and we’ll be standing with our Redeemer.

            Those who push through their fear, those who keep believing, those who endure to the end will get to see the fullness of the love, the power and the Glory of God.  They’ll discover first hand that Jesus is much more than a teacher.  He’s much more than a healer.  Jesus truly is the resurrection and the life and those who believe in Him will never die.

            Luke 8:56a – “Her parents were astonished.”  Because Jairus and his wife continued to believe and trust in Jesus even after the apparent death of their daughter, they ended up being astonished by what they saw.  I pray that someday we’ll all be just as astonished as they were.

            Luke 8:56b –“He (Jesus)ordered them not to tell anyone what had happened.” Jesus told the man who had been possessed by demons to go home and tell EVERYONE what had been done for him.  He told the woman to tell everyone how she’d been healed.  But He’s ordering Jairus and his wife not to tell ANYONE what had happened.  They wouldn’t believe you even if you did.  They’re soon going to find our for themselves.

            Those who laughing because they thought they knew better will soon be ashamed and embarrassed by their unbelief.  Those who refuse to believe that Jesus is the resurrection and the life because they think they know better, the ones who stubbornly resist believing that anyone who lives and believes in Him will never die, will someday be painfully ashamed as they stand in His presence being held accountable for their sin.  But then it will be too late to do anything about it.

            Lord, give us an enduring faith.  Give us a faith that takes us all the way to the end.   Help us to keep believing regardless of what we see, what we hear, or what we think we know so that we can be astonished by your glory.  In Jesus’ name, Amen

            Next Monday, Lord willing, we’ll start something new.  Feedback is appreciated as I strive to improve this site and make it more effective.  Please encourage others to follow along.

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13 thoughts on “A Matter of Death and Life 4

  1. Great study! I got my hard copy of your book last night and started reading it right away. When I read a book (and I only read books that teach me something, no novels, etc) if the author starts out telling a story to set up the scene, I usually skip those parts. I like to go straight to the point. However… when I started reading your book I was surprised to be so delighted with your stories! I have no idea why, but this time I SO enjoyed all of the stories! And not just the stories, but I also enjoyed reading about your life. I laughed by myself so many times! I can relate to many of the things you mentioned about not being “cut” for your ministry, feeling not special. I’ve felt this so many times: I am not special, or eloquent, there are already so many better equipped people out there to serve the Lord. So yes, I can relate to all that! I read 10 chapters at once and just stopped because I was so tired. Now I need an autograph 🙂


      1. Oh, no! I didn’t skip anything! I’m having a blast with it! John 12:14 cracked me up! I can so relate to all of this!

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  2. When my mother passed away, she had been bent over for years, in pain all the time. She also could not not speak as a result of a stroke…for 11 years, having so much to say but not being able to. I loved her. She was such a courageous woman, and the vision of Jesus taking her by the hand and saying “Jafreena, stand up” is an incredible peak into my mother’s life now in the Presence of Jesus! Hallelujah!!

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  3. Reading this teaching I was reminded of Peter’s answer to Jesus question about his disciples leaving. Peter said “where would we go you have the words of eternal life. “ This always brings me back. In my heart I know this to be true. Thanks Pastor

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  4. Thank you for your insight!

    Tony and I had a conversation about whether the child had really died or a sleep. I am still pondering.

    I thought about the sleep we will experience at the point of death, but will be raised again.

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    1. The girl was definitely dead. If not, anyone could have woke her up. Sleep, in the Bible, simply indicates that death is only a temporary condition.
      Missed seeing you guys on Sunday. Stay well.


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